BSI provides complete consulting and web-based, SSAE 16 attested administration services for our clients. BSI started business in 1973, and our original and only charter has always been to provide services related to administration and maintenance of Employee Stock Ownership Plans. Along with our San Francisco based parent company, Menke & Associates, Inc., we currently provide such services for nearly 1000 ESOPs nationwide, collectively covering well over a half-million employee owners. Many of the plans we serve are leveraged, ranging in size from 5 to over 10,000 participants, and frequently contain administratively difficult characteristics. It is fair to say that if you can legally do it with an ESOP we have worked with it, probably many times. Our systems allow for paperless administration based on clients’ requirements.

Our staff includes consultants, lawyers, accountants, computer and programming specialists and other professionals of required disciplines providing our clients timely and accurate recordkeeping services, as well as day to day assistance with the many complex compliance and operational issues faced by ESOPs. Our principals are nationally recognized ESOP experts.
We Provide

ESOP Advantages

For the Company:

  • Attract and retain good employees.
  • Create a market for stock in a closely held company.
  • Allow selling shareholders to defer capital gains tax.
  • Permit tax-deductible contributions and dividends to acquire company stock.
  • Enjoy reduced or eliminated income taxes.
  • Increased capital or improve debt capacity.

For the Participant:

  • Increased retirement benefits from a company-funded ESOP.
  • Indirect ownership in the company through participation in the ESOP.