ESOPOnline ServicesSM - a proprietary paperless tool that makes your ESOP administration easier to manage and quicker to complete.

ESOPOnline ServicesSM is a secure online tool that enables your Company to store and archive plan records and account information for all Plan participants and also enables participants to directly access their own account information. ESOPOnline ServicesSM can be a link on your own corporate website or can stand on its own at a unique web address.

ESOPOnline ServicesSM enables your Company to accomplish the following functions paperlessly:
Give Participants Direct Access to Their Own Account Information
ESOPOnline ServicesSM enables participants to quickly and easily access and download their own account information, including the following items:
  • Number of shares currently credited to their Company Stock Accounts
  • Per share value of their shares of Company Stock
  • Current value of their Company Stock Accounts
  • Dollars currently credited to their Other Investments Accounts
  • Total current value of their Plan benefit
  • Vested percentage of their Plan benefits
  • Dollar value of the vested portion of their Plan benefit
  • Current participant statement
Give Participants Direct Access to Basic Plan Documents and to Frequently Requested Forms
ESOPOnline ServicesSM enables participants to directly access and download basic plan documents and frequently requested forms, including the following:
  • Plan and Trust documents
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Summary Annual Reports
  • Beneficiary designation forms
  • Change of address/change of name forms
  • Distribution forms
Give Designated individuals Access to All Plan Records
ESOPOnline ServicesSM also enables your designated ESOP staff members to have direct access to confidential plan information, including the following:
  • Employee census reports
  • Participant allocation reports
  • Stock release calculations
  • Trust reconciliation reports
  • Distribution reports
  • Form 5500s filed with the IRS
  • Plan and Trust documents and amendments
Send Paperless Communications to Plan Participants
ESOPOnline ServicesSM enables you to send paperless communications to Plan participants, including the following:
  • Required IRS notices
  • Required Department of Labor notices
  • Company notices regarding pending deadlines for making participant elections
  • Company news releases
  • ESOP articles regarding various aspects of ESOPs
  • ESOP success stories
  • Frequently asked questions
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